Her dance of seduction will bring you to your knees!

Belly dance your way to his heart.
Belly dance or Bellydance is the name commonly used in Western countries to apply to traditional Middle Eastern dance, specifically Egyptian ghawazi dance in the 19th century, and raqs sharqi in the 20th century. The term is sometimes extended to include all traditional Middle Eastern dances.
The term "belly dance" is a translation of the French danse du ventre which was applied to oriental dance around the Victorian era. The term is somewhat misleading, as belly movements are only a small part of the dance. The most featured part of the body is usually the hips.
Belly dance takes different forms in different regions, both in costume and dance style, and new styles have evolved in the West as its popularity has spread globally.

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This seductive costume includes gold and black bra top, black sheer with gold trimmed skirt, gold and black belt that matches the top, and black veil with gold trim.
  • Available in one size, Adult Standard.
  • Includes: Top, Skirt, Belt, Veil.
  • Shoes earrings and necklace are not included.

Learn to Belly Dance in your Plus Size Costume

This is the first Stage in becoming a Plus Size Costume Belly Dancer

Now to learn the next moves on your way to Plus Size Belly Dancing

Here is the 3rd of Four  videos to help you in your plus size belly dancer costume

You have your Belly dancer Plus size costume here are the final moves